Customize Settings iOS


1. Open: "Pocket Perry"

2. Click on the Setting button on the bottom right of app (screen will be black if you do not have any locations monitored).


3. Add your cell phone number to receive alert by clicking the "Mobile Number" section. Make sure to click SAVE!


4. On the main settings page Click the + sign next to the "Locations" tab. Enter in a location name or address in the search box.


5. Enter the Label/Location name, Enable or Disable Alerts for this location, and choose ON/OFF for Perry Weather Mode (click SAVE). 

*Perry Weather mode will provide more lightning strike alerts inside of your "Radius 1" zone.


6. If a user would like a locations to be their GPS, then simply make sure the "Tracking My Location" button is turned on (yellow). Then select "My Location" located in your "Locations" list and follow the same direction in step #5.


7. Users can customize which type of alerts they want to receive (lightning, precipitation, & severe weather). Click the slide bar to display gray next to the alert type you do no wish to receive alerts for.


8. To customize the times you would like to receive alerts, select "ALERT Modes" under settings tab.


9. Choose specific times want to receive alerts on that day.