Mobile + Web Applications


Real-Time & Predictive Lightning

Utilizing the most accurate lightning network in the world (98% detection efficiency), Pocket Perry monitors and alerts for all cloud-to-cloud & cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Color-coded by latency, the dashboard provides users an unprecedented view of lightning strike movement in relationship to radar.  


Set triggered alerts for an array of weather criteria including: lightning, severe weather, precipitation, temperature, heat index, wet-bulb, wind chill, wind speed, and much more! Users can customize unique alerts times, radius, and all-clear thresholds to avoid over alerting.



Strike Count + All-Clear Timer

Keep track of exactly how many lightning strikes are within your danger radius and know down to the second when your lightning delay will expire.

Meteorologist Support

Email or call us with any of your weather related questions. Such as:

"A weather delay has postponed our football game, when will the lightning delay end?"

"We have a big outdoor event tomorrow between 10am - 3pm. What does the forecast look like?

High-Definition Radar

Live, high-definition radar imagery with predictive rainfall technology, precipitation indicators (rain, ice or snow), and animation capability keeps users aware of a storms location and projected path.  

Severe Weather Warnings

Avoid over warning due to the current county-based notification method. Pocket Perry users view and receive Severe Weather Warnings pertinent to the exact location(s) of their interest. Users are notified of NOAA watches/warnings as they are issued.