Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor Warning System

The Pocket Perry Outdoor Warning System (OWS) is a holistic weather & emergency management notification platform. These units automatically trigger audibly and visibly when any confirmed lightning strikes are detected inside of a pre-defined distance of your location. The amber strobe will stay emitted for the duration of the storm delay and will be turned off once the final audible horn is triggered for the all-clear. Our systems can be manually triggered for emergency situations and alternative colored strobes can be used to differentiate warning state (lightning, emergency, heat/cold policy, etc). Our OWS can be equipped with a customizable voice recorded siren to relay any unique message!

  • 12vDC 75ah Battery

  • 100w Solar Panel OR 120VAC (w/battery charger)

  • Cellular Modem Connection 

  • 45,000 Lumen Amber Strobe

  • NEMA4x Rated Enclosure (100% weatherproof)

  • 8 Alloy Horns (134dB ea.)

  • Customize Lightning Delay & All-Clear Tones (web dashboard)

  • Unique Alert Times (web dashboard)

  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Spatial Coverage ~ 80 acres

  • 3-Year Full Warranty